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About Fly Foundation

Welcome To Fly Foundation

Fly Foundation is a non-profit organization (NGO) that aims to touch the nearby deprived societies by providing them access to the basic human requirement as well as assist them to attain better and justifiable living circumstances. 

We believe that equal opportunity is the keystone of civilization. All human beings should have the same openings in order to prosper in life, regardless of the situations in which they were born. 

Fly Foundation, we have been actively indulged in providing quality education to children who are not able to afford quality education. Not only this, but we are also involved in providing nutrition, healthcare, education, protection, women empowerment as well as response in a time of emergencies. 

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Our Top Program

Our Program

Education For All

Almost 1 in 11 children go to work when they are at the age to attend school. Education often turns into a luxury for the poor people, when it is difficult for them to afford even the basic ...

Women Empowerment

Women population contributes almost 50% of the world population. One of the major reasons our India is suffering economically because most of the women are unemployed...

Health For All

Fly Foundation, has launched the community health program along with different projects that mainly concentrates on creating sustainable practices as well as spreading awareness...

Disaster Relief

When it comes to vulnerable people, serving mankind is the solitary duty of a person. For the past few years, we have experienced the continuous rise of natural disasters in different...

Army Relief

Can you be thankful to the army heroes standing on the borders ever? The answer to this question is no because they do a lot of sacrifices just to make sure that we have a peaceful sleep at night...

Clean India Green India

Fly Foundation is a non-governmental organization that takes an initiative to work with companies and other organizations to maintain a Clean and Green India. We started the ...


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Message From Trustee

To Our Donors

We Are Watching Lot Of Disaster Things On Our Streets While Going To Work, School, And College People Around Us Without Education, Food, Shelter, And Money. How Hard They Had To Struggle All Their Lives Struggling On Roads, Streets For Their Needs So Fly Foundation Came Forward With Idea To Reach Them And Provide Facilities, Educate Their Children’s And More To Better Their Lives.

What Our Doners Say

Ajeet Kumar

When disaster strikes, the Fly Foundation swoops in with immediate assistance and long-term recovery efforts. Their efficient disaster relief operations have provided relief and hope to countless people during some of their darkest hours. Their preparedness and swift response are truly remarkable.

Sajid Khan

Empowerment of women is a cause close to my heart, and the Fly Foundation has been a true champion in this regard. They’ve empowered women from all walks of life through skill-building programs, entrepreneurship support, and advocacy for gender equality. Their work has had a ripple effect, creating stronger and more vibrant communities.


The Fly Foundation has been a beacon of hope for underprivileged children in our community. Their dedication to providing quality education to those who need it the most is commendable. I’ve seen firsthand how their educational programs have transformed the lives of countless youngsters, giving them the opportunity to break free from the cycle of poverty. Keep up the fantastic work, Fly Foundation!

Saurabh Misra

I can’t thank the Fly Foundation enough for their tireless efforts in improving healthcare access in our region. From organizing medical camps in remote areas to providing crucial medical supplies during emergencies, they have been a lifeline for many. Their commitment to ensuring everyone receives proper healthcare is truly inspiring.

BalaJi Venkat

I feel Fly Foundation is the best emerging organization, working in all possible stages with minimum resources. If offered support it will be one biggest organization in the Country.

Rahul Gupta

The Fly Foundation’s initiatives for the welfare of our armed forces are heartwarming. They go above and beyond to support our brave soldiers and their families. Whether it’s financial assistance, emotional support, or rehabilitation programs, the Fly Foundation stands with our heroes when they need it the most.

Child Education

1100 / MO
  • 1 Student Go School
  • Free Book
  • Convenience
  • Convenience
  • Tuition Fee

Food Distribution

1500 / MO
  • 1 Person Food
  • Break Fast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Medical Emergency

2000 / MO
  • Free Medical Checkup
  • Free Medicine
  • Free Food
  • Free Camp